If you’ve tried to create a healthy, functional, satisfying relationship with someone on the autism spectrum, you know it can seem overwhelming.  As a caregiver, your own needs and feelings may be unmet or unheard,  and your mental and even physical health may suffer. While her ultimate goal is a world that is more receptive and accepting of people with autism and Asperger Syndrome, Jeanne Beard shows how change can happen one relationship at a time. With Autism & The Rest of Us, she addresses your hopes and challenges with thoughtful, practical solutions, insights, and support. You’ll learn how to:

  • Adjust to the unique social understanding of people with autism
  • Care for your own needs and feelings–a healthier you makes a healthier them
  • Exit crisis mode: Learn to live in a place of acceptance and peace
  • Recognize the emotional impact of autism on others
  • Use this book as a tool for communicating with and supporting others

“A terrific book for those who want to make a meaningful connection with a person with autism.  It fills a gap, enriches quality of life and relationships, and provides practical information that will be useful to anyone who cares for someone with autism.” Rachel Loftin, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor & Clinical Director, AARTS Center at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL Caregivers of all kinds need this material, as do mental health professionals, educators, and even public servants like police and EMTs.” Timothy Wahlberg, PhD, Clinical Director, Prairie Clinic, Geneva, IL, author of Finding the Gray   Jeanne Beard has been writing this book her whole life. The thread of autism has run through many important relationships in her life. Mentored by one of the country’s leading clinical experts on autism, she’s distilled that knowledge and her own experience into a hopeful and uplifting perspective on this complicated issue. Jeanne is now dedicated to encouraging and educating those whose lives are touched by ASD.