This past weekend I was as at an Autism and Special Needs seminar designed to deliver information to parents and professionals about autism and autism resources. Other than at my booth, the attention was entirely on the individual with autism. I get it. I was there too at one time. One parent was very succinct in her comment when she stated clearly, I am looking for a way to balance this with the rest of my life and responsibilities. The solution to her search for balance clearly has many facets, but the one that can she can start to work with right away is self-care. We are no good to our loved ones on the spectrum if we cannot be healthy and available for the demanding interactions with the individual on the spectrum. This falls under the category of “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.” Are you getting enough sleep, eating well, taking time for yourself, even if only a few minutes a day? Spending 10 minutes on your favorite pastime will do wonders to rejuvenate your spirits. Are you having any fun? Fun is a much underrated therapy for those of us who carry heavy responsibility. Do something you enjoy and takes your mind off your worries everyday. Be good to yourself, and don’t forget to put some you in your world!