I am so grateful and pleased by the outpouring of likes, shares and comments from our Facebook group to our Holiday message about honoring my son’s gifts. It became crystal clear to me that many of you feel the same way about your children and grandchildren that I feel about my son. I also learned that many of us wish the world could see and accept our children the way we do. So today, in the spirit of the new year, as a community we are embarking on a new challenge – “The 1,000 points of light challenge.” The idea behind this is that I am challenging us as a group to gather 1,000 uplifting comments about life with autism and the children we love, and when we reach that 1,000 mark, I have a vision of sharing the comments in a powerful way that will help the world see and appreciate our children as we do.

So please post your comment on the National Autism Academy facebook page and let’s let show the world how special our children are! https://www.facebook.com/NationalAutismAcademy/ 

In addition to your comment, if you would like, please click the link below for Free Autism Resources & Support. https://nationalautismacademy.leadpages.co/resourcesfb/

Happy New Year! Jeanne Beard, Founder National Autism Academy