On the one hand, there is nothing more compassionate we can do than to understand our loved ones with autism and be compassionate about their struggles. If you are a parent and trying to “therapize” a child into being non-autistic, or into acting like someone who is not on the spectrum, you are probably going to run into their “limitations.”

On the other hand, everything has “limitations.” For example, an oak tree will never make maple syrup. No matter how much it wants to, or how hard it believes, or how much therapy you give it, it is an oak tree, and as an oak tree it makes acorns. That’s the divine plan. The maple tree makes maple syrup, and the oak tree makes acorns. That is part of the beauty of the diversity of the universe.

Similarly, an individual with autism has a mind that works a certain way. It is simply and beautifully what it is…a mind that operates differently than a neuro-typical mind. The expectations placed on our loved ones with autism by some people, are akin to expecting maple syrup from an oak tree. If that is your expectation, you will certainly find “limitations.”  Perhaps a hefty dose of simple acceptance is the first step toward integrating these beloved individuals into our world community.

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